What Is Light?
What Is Light?

What Is Light?

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What Is Light?

Light is very important to our lives.Without light,there would be no life on the Earth.Plants could not grow,and animals could not exist.Light also enables humans and other animals to see.So what is light?


Light is not matter.It is a form of energy that is reflected off some objects.Light moves around in the form of tiny particles like sand.But we cannot see light itself.We only see objects when light from a source strikes them and bounces off toward our eyes.The bouncing of light off matter is reflection.

A source of light is object that creates its own light.The sun is the most important source of light for the Earth,Other stars are sources of light.Some hot materials can be sources of light,too.For example,when a hot burner is turned on,some energy can be given off as light.A light bulb is kind of artificial source of light.




Light is very fast.A room gets bright as soon as you turn on a light bulb.It takes no time at all.In addition,it only takes 8 minutes for sunlight to reach Earth.The speed of light is the fastest that anything can move.


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